Sunday, October 25, 2020

Greenwood migrationfallout jumping with woodcocks

 A wind surge from the north produced citywide good stuff but for Greenwood cemetery excellent fallout of sparrow numbers and wood cocks.

Terrific numbers of American WOODCOCK marked the day in Greenwood. One birders report listed a conservative number of 14 ;Other birders exclaimed seeing ten along the Warrior Path! In any case any visiting birder was bound to see one in leafy that clutter.

The other big news was the huge numbers of sparrows ,namely juncos And chipping sparrows the big draw. By the Leonard Bernstein grave site 100s were reported. Other regular sparrows were present especially Song.

Then a few rare birds  also made news.A VESPER SPARROW; MARSH WREN in the Dellwater; 5 EASTERN BLUEBIRDS near the 35th street enttrance:and  a WILSONS SNIPE.

Good numbers of common and quality birds is interesting to note. According to a lister seeing 50+ HERMIT THRUSHES ,15 PURPLE FINCHES, and 25 TUFTED TITMICE should be eye openers

A good day at the cemetery ...for birds that is.