Monday, March 20, 2017

A Black headed Gull flew over Dennis' head

A change of the rare bird alert today. This change involves an adult BLACK-HEADED GULL, possibly two seen this early afternoon, displacing the Prospect Goshawk saga for one day.

Dennis Hrehowsik reported on his lunch hour a flyover adult BLACK-HEADED GULL at the Erie Basin Police impoundment lot, that he eventually relocated the gull at the Dwight Street pier in Red Hook. That bird was tweeted out at 12:58. At 1:30 Kathy Toomey tweeted out on Twitter the usual ( of the past few days)  BLACK HEADED GULL adult spotted on the Owls Head Treatment Sewage plant in northern Bay Ridge. This is adjacent to Veterans Pier where I saw it yesterday midday.Whether its the same bird or two different birds is a matter of speculation as far as the crow flies and depending how long the first sighting stayed at Dwight St pier. ( The two locales are roughly two miles apart) . For either adult --assuming two- its a beauty !   If you want to see if I meant it , check out this list sent and shared by Heydi Lopes, that Alie Ratay also saw at Veterans Pier yesterday

The Prospect Goshawk is less cooperative today. It appeared once at 9 am, seen by Marvin Baptiste on Breeze Hill. After that when I spotted mid morning waiting birders on Terrace Bridge, no luck.

WOOD DUCKS took over the Upper Pool . There's at least thirty of this glamorous duck around the little island. Its a high number that even Cornell ebird flags as so that I had to comment whether I was sure. A head scratcher there.

7 RING NECKED DUCKS  remain off Peninsula thumb as well as 6 NORTHERN SHOVELERS in the same general area.

Happy Spring first day !