Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Goshawk outside the boundary

For the first time reported outside Prospect Park--pending photos-the NORTHERN GOSHAWK appeared in Greenwood Cemetery on this blustery day.

Lotus Winnie Lee , the first observer of this Goshawk back in January, reported the big raptor just inside Greenwood 's main entrance at 25th St and 5th Avenue this morning around 9 am. Lotus back then was uncertain and unaware of the bird's identity till it was confirmed by expert birders March 1st. Kathy Toomey relayed the Greenwood note via Twitter and will send photos later of this latest report. Its a wide ranging bird most of us suspected all along but the first reported away from its most renown spot at Terrace Bridge feeders.

The Goshawk appeared last night in the early evening. That report I found on the Ebird Birdtrax on the left sidebar; therefore its still hanging out. The bird question is when the feeders site ( under my office's auspices and sole permission with my time refilling) still attract the big bird when its done for the season sometime by this weekend. Though suet will still be good for two more weeks with two cakes left, just not the seed.

Only "17" WOOD DUCKS seen at Upper Pool today. But given the blustery day, if more , then those hid out of sight in the small island channel. Some were on the isthmus mainland; others waded widely in the Pool.