Friday, March 17, 2017

A very cooperative Prospect Goshawk, woodcocks diminish

Since yesterday afternoon the Prospect NORTHERN GOSHAWK created its new haunt , the area around lower south Lookout Hill in the general area of the Maryland Monument. The other dominant news of the past few days , the AMERICAN WOODCOCK blitz diminished in reports and numbers.

Our GOSHAWK cooperated excellently today. Its past behavior of hit and run pace slowed down quite abit of late, opting to settle in more for birders to enjoy its majesty. Yesterday afternoon and evening , it put on a show by Maryland Monument, flying from perch to perch , and at times scaring the bejeesus of several exposed Woodcocks. Today, mid morning found the Goshawk perched high in trees to the left and right of Maryland Monument; it even took flybys of the feeders. I was lucky to find birders with sharp eyes pointing out the Gos sort of hidden up the Lookout slope alongside the switchback trail. A last report in early afternoon from Isabel Conte saw the Gos fly towards the Concert grove or Rink  just east of Breeze Hill haunts.

Woodcocks are fewer in numbers today. Besides a few live ones, there was also expired ones. The live action took place at Lullwater Cove seen from the Rustic Arbor on the south side; I was lucky to see one feeding along the shore, the snow retracted , a godsend for the feeding Woodcock  needing nourishment in the harsh environment. Another  flushed from the path on Breeze Hill's south path to the concert grove. With hard packed snow making life difficult for starving woodcocks, also their vulnerability to raptor eyes left them quite exposed. Likely many left hopefully.

On the water, some ducks to enjoy. The "Magnificent 7 " RING NECKED DUCKS  remained all week at south Lullwater. I spotted them in front of Music Island. Other ducks continued to be BUFFLEHEAD at Three Sisters Islands, and 8 NORTHERN SHOVELERS at western Prospect Lake where also 2 SNOW GEESE linger.

Enjoy your weekend...