Sunday, March 19, 2017

Goshawk provides a spectacle

The Prospect NORTHERN GOSHAWK continues to provide some spectacular views to birders eager to see it. With the Terrace Bridge the epicenter of this big  accipiter' s appearances  range, birders are treated to spectacular looks , perhaps emboldening this bird' s love of an audience.

First reports I received from Twitter and what app places the GOSHAWK above the Well house ,maybe nearer to the Maryland Monument. I'm sure it's all over the place here on Lookout Hill' s East slope. Then swing over to the other side of the bridge, it was reported by Sean Sime this Gos sitting in a big tulip tree across from the feeders. Later Kathy Toomey said it was in the big dead Austrian Pine at the bridge's East anchor. Just look for birders and stick close to the Terrace Bridge,the universe center of the GOS.

Overshadowed by the big hawk' s celebrity, a COMMON MERGANSER arrived in. In fact the hen was one of three merganser species on Prospect Lake, joining a Drake RED BREASTED  and 3 HOODED,completing a triple crown, or a merg merger.I went out to the lake in later afternoon and saw all three; the COMMON joined up with the RED BREASTED and hung close from the Peninsula towards West Island. Is this a match made in heaven ?

7 RING NECKED DUCKS continue to hang around.My observation was distant ,those ducks on the west side of the Peninsula thumb.

Some Kinglets are in as well, both species in Lullwater cove reported by Ryan Goldberg. Also on Ryan's list : a high number of 28 WOOD DUCK in the Upper Pool.