Thursday, March 30, 2017

eàrly spring signs

Across three parks ( if you include greenwood cemetery minus the headstones) early spring signs is descending in those locations. From reports on Twitter,email or facebook, here are some highlights.

In Greenwood , PINE WARBLER steal the spotlight. Gus Keri spotted one on a headstone a very bright individual.His video can be seen on Facebook Brooklyn Urban birders group.

Over at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, EASTERN TOWHEE is in.That species was reported by Orrin Tilevitz seen in the native garden section.

And today in Prospect its HERMIT THRUSH, this earliest thrush was Ryan Goldberg's spotting ,in the Ravine Ambergill section .Gus reported RUSTY BLACKBIRD somewhere in the park.

Regardless where EASTERN PHOEBE picked all three locales for its prominent showing. I spotted two on the water fence at the Prospect dog Beach, active bug catchers they are.Yesterday was an infusion of phoebes, where noted the ravine area saw twenty.

Yesterday also I found water birds quite notable.On the Lake, five RING-NECKED DUCK headed a parade that include three Drake BUFFLEHEAD , a single RED BREASTED MERGANSER, two SNOW GEESE still with us, a pair of PIED BILLED GREBE ,and along with 15 Wood duck ,5 HOODED MERGANSERS on the Upper Pool.

No reports of the Goshawk the past two days.