Thursday, March 16, 2017

IF you see an injured or stressed woodcock

Excerpt from Anders post on NYC Birds listserve

Anders Peltomaa

PS. Debra Kriensky of NYC Audubon wrote on Facebook: "Between the Wild
Bird Fund, D-Bird, and calls to NYC Audubon, there were about 30 injured or
dead just today (that we know about). We've never seen anything like this!
Please be on the lookout this week for ones that might be injured and in
need of rehab/rescue!"

A friend that volunteers at WBF gave me tips on how to take care of injured
Woodcocks. Basically, if you see one that doesn't look so great please
place it in a paper bag and bring them to the Center. Also, punch a couple
of holes in the bag, and if possible, add terry cloth for perching. With
such big birds, a big box is also suitable."