Thursday, March 16, 2017

Woodcocks contnue in PP

Yep, they are still here.

On a drive by of the Well Drive picnic tables or Lamppost #249 I asked my coworker to stop driving momentarily. I wanted to see if the Woodcocks spotted here yesterday late afternoon stayed put. I scanned the 6 leaf spots along the fence where the ground rose. And looking through my binoculars, I found two AMERICAN WOODCOCK remaining , one hunkered down in a leaf spot, the second standing aside another leaf spot 15 feet away. ( I unfortunately didn't have my cell phone to text as it was charging in my office; I forgot to do that last night the result of exhaustion snow clearing all day and the arduous cross country skiing effort)

My coworker reported two more woodcocks. Text I received 12:18 pm from Mary said they were along the Maryland Monument steps.

Get them while you can !

PS The lake is mostly frozen, but I didnt have time to scan...