Wednesday, March 15, 2017

cross country skiing and woodcocks

I took to xc skiing after work.Conditions were tough.The skiing surface was all icy,making it hard for my skis to gain traction digging into the snow for my skis to grip. Furthermore,the surface was all uneven and bumpy from everyone previously walking or playing  on it .But despite falling twice during my estimated 3 miler that's three less times I watched AMERICAN Woodcock today. How many times that's gonna happen in my life?

First inkling of woodcock came from Tripper Paul.He mentioned by Terrace Bridge one at the Well drive picnic tables,then three more at his feet.This is motivation ! Off on my skis I go but first a stop at the lake to find the previously reported Common Mergansers. That quarry appeared about five minutes after my arrival at the Peninsula Lake shore.With no initial sighting--assumed gone--I found the three COMMON MERGANSERS of two hens one drake at the northwest section ; they drifted to the middle constantly diving. Thanks to Karen and Kathy tweeting out the reports.

The next objective now aims at the well drive woodcocks. I skied along the fence until the ground rose and in one of four leaf exposed spots in the snow, a WOODCOCK ! It was actually sitting in the leaf spot to enhance its camouflage.It walked funny as it spied me and then flew up the hill. But soon after another walked in thru the fence and sat in the same leaf spot as well, a substitute ! My fifth Woodcock of the day. A kid sledded nearby sliding down the hill unaware of a Woodcock watching him.

Theres a Woodcock fallout in the city parks.Çentral Park reported at least thirteen. Backyards filled with waylaid timberdoodles.Prospect likely had ten no doubt more undiscovered,all thanks to a snowstorm that forced them down during their migration.I can only imagine how many Greenwood cemetery had.

Oh.the NORTHERN GOSHAWK put in an appearance today by the feeders.That's hope for birders hoping to see the big accipiter. But sorry fella, you are overshadowed by all those Woodcocks going wild in Prospect.

UPDATE Tripper Paul reported from 3 PM on TEN Woodcock's on his post work tour. Yep has to be ALOT in the park ;)