Saturday, May 20, 2017

Birder robbed in prospect park

Rob J was robbed in Prospects Midwood at approximately 345 this afternoon. The robber pulled out his knife n robbed Rob's iPhone.

Therefore it's very important you travel with people and beware of your surroundings n location.The Midwood can be a lonely remote place.

Here's the tweet I got : "Middle-age guy with shorts, blue jacket and medium-size black dog just pulled a knife on Rob and stole his iPhone in the Midwood"

UPDATE: I got more details. The robber was described as follows white male  50-ish; 5’8” to 5’9”; maybe 175 lbs.; dark hair that is thinning and receding. His dog is a medium, black terrier-type. He was wearing shorts and a blue, cloth onzipper jacket.  Rob was targeted-- actually followed all the way from the Lullwater south--by this dog owner trying to provoke an incident sending his off leashed dog into the area Rob was birding three times before the knife holdup.

Therefore to all birder: if you meet this suspect who wants to provoke you, get away and CALL 911. he's wanted and he's dangerous especially to any birder. 

Close match online to dog with robber.