Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday's report

There isn't alot to report today but still a few birds, if one had patience, revealed themselves, particularly a rare warbler. The back woods path that goes behind the Upper Pool continues to be the spot this week.

Joshua continues to pull in good birds. He witnessed the YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER  in an oak about midway down towards the back view of Upper Pool from the Y fork to the west. In that same locale when I happened by with Joshua and Heidi Clevens there at lunchtime, an INDIGO BUNTING and WORM EATING WARBLER  also stayed high up in the oak.

Last night, after work when I ventured along here, I saw 5 ROSE BREASTED GROSBEAKS. all of them were at the water edge, bathing and sipping the water in about the same spot as the Oak today.

A late SHARP-SHINNED HAWK was reported by Joshua. A likely Merlin was seen overhead as well at Upper Pool. Late afternoon yesterday, both AMERICAN KESTREL and MERLIN zipped by over Center Drive by Quaker Cemetery gate.The kestrel chased the Redtailed Hawk.

Enjoy birding tomorrow becasue as the latest predictions say , Saturday looks like wet soaker. Too bad for the birdathon folks.