Friday, May 19, 2017

My old Kentucky home at the Midwood Triangle patch

A KENTUCKY WARBLER settled in a triangular patch of woods in the North Midwood early this morning. The area also played host to 5 species of thrushes making the Midwood "Thrush Country" today while a nearby ACADIAN FLYCATCHER sang away adding backdrop woods music ( and it wasn't Beethoven's Pastoral symphony)

Prospect birding eared maestro Ed Crowne struck again, finding the KENTUCKY WARBLER at the top of the Midwood bridle trail. Bordered by the horse trail, the curvy short steps stairs path and a dirt trail , this triangular woods patch hosted the rare warbler for several birders,appeared openly . I was told by Rob Jett at lunchtime that Shane followed the Kentucky to the south Midwood where I searched in vain for the skulker bird. Meanwhile, a BICKNELLS THRUSH loved those stairs!

The BICKNELLS THRUSH hopped down the steps that come down from Ricks Place to the Midwood.I was informed by Rob Jett who along with top birder Shane Blodgett , heard and recorded the Bicknells. This bird is very tough to separate from GRAYCHEEKED THRUSHES in the area as well. So, along with WOOD, VEERY and SWAINSONs THRUSHES, 5 thrush species in the Midwood really makes the day. I was lucky on my very short lunch hour (yes I'm complaining) to see three species--Veery, Swainsons & Graycheeked in several spots.

ACADIAN FLYCATCHER is another noteworthy species , a bird hanging out in Ricks Place. This species once nested in this area, a very noted event given its southern range.

Tomorrow is the rescheduled Birdathon from last weekend northeasterner postponement. Good luck to the Teams. Dennis Hrehowsik will lead the regular Prospect Walk from the Pergola. See the BBC website trips page for details. His walk will be part of the birdathon pledge drive.