Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The doors open, the birds rush thru

The floodgates open for a warbler fallout today, not surprisingly a day earlier I expected. But with the long delay thanks to week long north winds, who can blame those warblers desperately trying to come through ?  Joshua reported 26 species of warblers on his personal account; so likely the number could climb higher.

I received a good number of tweets so I will not go into great detail for brevity sake. I had to work today so I will be brief. But nevertheless, the fallout occurred quite late this year, usually reserved in the first week May. But from birders I ran into , birds and warblers were everywhere.Pockets happened at Midwood, south Lookout Hill, the Lookout top summits, and Ambergill creek area. Numerous locales have something so I will await birders reports from their ebird listings .Continue to followup on this blog as I forward the reports.

The top warblers I heard was CERULEAN,BLACKBURNIAN, PRAIRIE, CAPE MAY,BLUEWINGED, WORM EATING ,BAY BREASTED & LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH and so on. The Cerulean stuck mostly at Ricks Place and Midwood border, singing in the high Oak. Insect hatch outs were in several places and this of course attracted in the warblers/ The same could be said being very productive at Green wood Cemetery ; Paige Linden Brams reported 19 species warblers.

Other good sightings also made news. Flyover BLACK VULTUREs both at Prospect --4 vultures over Ricks Place--and a single Black Vulture Greenwood Cemetery along with BLACK BILLED CUCKOO at Ricks Place added suspense. There was also a perched BROAD WINGED HAWK reported i believed in the Ravine.

A late report I received regards MOURNING WARBLER.Gabriel Willow found one at Breeze Hill  by Lakeside at 12:53 pm.

Its likely the on surge of birds might continue overnight for a productive Wednesday. If you are off, go birding. Who knows if this is the big wave that will petered out in the coming week.Now is the time.

Today's overall list see May 16th birds  http://ebird.org/ebird/hotspot/L109516