Friday, May 26, 2017

Skulker surprise, skulker frustrates

The continuing SWAINSONS WARBLER threw a surprise maneuver this morning and then when it settled in usual residency , simply made it difficult for long looks , frustrating birders  at least during my lunch hour.Its a heck of a skulker.

The same discovered Ed Crowne-"Swainson celebre"- heard the Swainson this morning at the Lullwater Cove, just west of the Lullwater bridge. Thereby I tweeted out and sent a note to the birding listserves. This was a new location i presumed at the time. Then about a half hour later, it decided to throw mayhem by going back to the same Midwood location it originally spotted in . So again I took to retweeting , tweeting map coordinates and sending another note to the birding listserves. A Crazy bird.

Back at the Midwood, I presumed a number of morning birders found this bird on their luck. But for my small lunch time group, it was just giving fleeting looks in the dense shrubbery. It was across the middle path in the adjoining east woods section about 300 feet north from Center Drive container 7. A few birders with me saw it very briefly as it sang. While it quieted , it then about ten minutes later sang again , heard  by Eni Falci , so tantalizing close but unfortunately a large shrub blocked its view for me and others.

 Generally this Swainson's is staying in the center of Midwood between the trail heads ( reverse 7) that start at the middle hardtop path. Learn the song and this helps you locate it without straining your eyes everywhere.