Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bad weather birds

Birds don't want to battle the elements , hence they come down to shelter . And the reason why sometimes as the birders adage goes "bad weather brings out the best birding. ( it also depends where you are)

The most exciting news this morning during the snowfall were CANVASBACKS. Karen O'Hearn reported  the species from Prospect Lake west shore where the only open water occurs. Not one, but four CANVASBACK. This is the highest number for Prospect lake in 17 years ! The previous high is a record of five birds back on November 22nd, 1998 ( Obs Steve Nanz , Jerry Layton). The last Canvasback sighting-a single hen- for the lake happened March 11th, 2013 ( PDorosh, KRandall, other observers).The rare ducks were still present thru most of the day. The flock comprised of two drake, 2 hen.

Along with  the Canvasbacks, also 4 continuing COMMON MERGANSERS occupied the same water spot. Also 2 drake, 2 hen, the quite rare species combo in the same water spot so close to the shoreline makes it quite a sight to behold.

At the feeders, a lone female PURPLE FINCH highlighted the feeder bird variety . Along with the rare finch, a gorgeous CAROLINA WREN  kept pecking away at the suet, making trips back and forth with the surrounding spots. 13 BROWN COWBIRDS is a new high for the winter feeder season.


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