Saturday, February 28, 2015

Late morning good action

The brief look I had of Common Redpoll turned into a beneficial longer observation of the winter finch at Lamppost 249 Well Drive picnic tables.

Joshsua Malbin re found my earlier sighting at LP 249 and the COMMON REDPOLL was watched upon as it fed on the ground or in that vicinity by the tables. At least for the first time this late winter,it stayed put longer a day.

Meanwhile , a BALD EAGLE day in the local area. Matthew Wills reported an immature feeding or sitting on the ice at frozen  Bush Terminal Pier Park. Not far from there,one eagle was seen flying over the north end of Greenwood Cemetery. Perhaps it was the same bird.Both text and tweet was 10:13 GWC  and 11:19 am BTPP.

Winter has its good moments, at least for today for some birders.