Saturday, February 28, 2015


On my return homeward,a lucky look on the path of treacherous ice along the west shore of Prospect Lake proved a winner as I spotted a fly in small bird landing in a gingko tree. Despite backlight I got a good yet too brief look at a single COMMON REDPOLL ( CORE). It stayed about 10 seconds beore taking off south. Look for this bird in the birch trees along the shore , the mature River birch with its catkins as Rafael' s photo showed in a previous post. I did not find the bird again despite a search. Look also at the sweetgum trees ,especially by the rustic shelter by the shore near my sighting spot.

In the water, 4 COMMON MERGANSER ( COME)  continue but absent yesterdays Eurasian Wigeon. Instead I found the hen AMERICAN WIGEON and new arrival  three GADWALL ,one drake.

Also of note a single SWAMP SPARROW behind the fence at Well Drive picnic tables or lamppost 249.