Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fwd: Yesterday pictures from Prospect Park, Brooklyn; NY

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Subject: Yesterday pictures from Prospect Park, Brooklyn; NY

 Hi all:
After a little over a month without visiting the park, yesterday (27 Feb '15) I did it.
First the grounds were totally frozen, and so the most of the water areas, except for a little spot on the SW side.  And the action was there.  among the 100s of gull (at least 2 sps), I saw 3 Common Mergansers (see pictures attached).
Near by, I hit the jackpot, with a lonely Common Redpoll feeding (see pictures attached).
The feeders at Breezy Hill were quite active, and the best bird sps were 3 Fox Sparrows.

By the way, with a new PC, I am doing postings on my blog. See them at:

1- A view of the frozen Prospect Park Lake
2- Female Common Merganser
3- Male Common Merganser
4- Common Redpoll
5- Common Redpoll