Wednesday, February 25, 2015

From bob decandido facebook post

A peek into the Brooklyn Bird Club history in the very beginning.thanks to Bob

Peter Dorosh, Deborah Allen and Robert Bate (and other folks from the BBC) - found the 1912 article and am working on it..."THE BIRDS OF PROSPECT PARK, BROOKLYN.
No. 8

"Observations on the birds of city parks have yielded surprisingly worth-while results in many different centers of population, notably in San Francisco, Chicago and New York. For instance, in 1906 Chapman (Am. Mus. Journal. Vol. VI) published an annotated list of the birds of the vicinity of New York City in which species recorded from Central Park arc noted by an asterisk (*). These starred birds number in all 153 species, including several exotics which doubtless had escaped from cages."

"For the past six years the birds of Prospect Park, in the borough of Brooklyn, have been pursued tirelessly by a small but keen and enthusiastic aggregation of ornithologists, the 'Bird Lovers Club of Brooklyn.' Throughout this entire period the Park has been visited many times during every month excepting May, June, July, and August of 1911. The average number of visits per month has been 13. Sometimes 20 or even 25 trips have been made, and in one instance only (Oct. 1911) has the monthly number of trips fallen as low as 6. The greater part of this persistent and systematic scouring has been carried on by four members of the Club, Dr. and Mrs. E. W. Vietor, Mr. Edward Fleischer and Mrs. Charles S. Hartwell. Dr. and Mrs. Vietor, in particular, not only have made trips at all seasons, but, moreover, have carefully tabulated the results of their observations each month, and their lists have been posted in the Long Island Room of the Museum. It is to be hoped that eventually a member of the 'Bird Lovers Club' will undertake the task of compiling and publishing a full synopsis of the results, with notes on all the species, and with special reference to the presence of summer residents in winter."

Note Edward Fleischer was the first club president. The Vietors the driving force of the club' s founding on June 5th 1909