Friday, April 24, 2015

A big chill

A big chill no doubt stalls migration. But don't tell the swallows. Over Prospect Lake ,the population of mostly BARN SWALLOWS mixed in with several TREE SWALLOWS are enjoying their flight, no minding the chill. I'm guessing I saw at least 30 swallows today.Last night there was a single BANK SWALLOW.

I forgot to mention,busy I was yesterday to report it, at the lake, there in late afternoon 32 LAUGHING GULLS the day before , about twenty-ish on the lake,the rest in the air directly above.. A real bonafide comedy show..

A quiet day today,just Joshuas PRAIRIE WARBLER & Will Pollards SPOTTED SANDPIPER tweets. Its cold out,birds sleep in. The weekend will carry over the chill so enjoy the cherry blossoms if birds dip.

I' m off to celebrate my 40 th year walk upstate Saturday  in High Tor State park,where I began my Brooklyn Bird Club affiliation a good 37 years ago.Regardless of what birds I see or quantity, its symbolic and a milestone to reflect upon.
Time flies swiftly as the swallow!