Tuesday, April 21, 2015

after work cocktail hour

A cocktail is a mixed drink. In a sense thats what I got after work, a "cocktail " of good quality warblers.

Without making haste to the Hooded warbler spot, i watched and observed Yellow rumps,Palms and BLUE GRAY gnatcatcher in the Ravine. Then assuming the Hooded might have traveled north ,into the Midwood, I should have checked my twitter feed.

Kristin Costello had tweeted the Hooded still in the same spot as before in the early morning : in the pine grove south of the Lincoln Road park entrance before the next southern ( sure south bird !) entrance. There was a birding group and I knew it was Hooded Warbler magic time.

It was a very active bird,this HOODED WARBLER chasing all the bugs among pine needles in a sycamore sapling forest ( ugh!) . No matter,I got the bird! :-) :-) .

Then running into Simon and Tripper who were at the Hooded site, a LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH to add to my cocktail mixer. Seen along the Lulllwater shoreline by the pine grove at Terrace Bridge, it was a bright bird . Seeing Dan Frazer also from the Hooded site, he tells me that Kristin's ORCHARD ORIOLE sighting at Oriental Pavilion was seen again. So back over Breeze Hill I go.

Not seeing the oriole right away inside the blossoms, Joshua Malbin came by and found the ORCHARD ORIOLE in the same tree initially found, a Japanese cherry blossom next to the Oriental Pavilion.The Oriole was plucking the blossoms.

After that oriole moment, Joshua and I went back to the Terrace Bridge for the Prothonotary. And it wasn't long before Joshua saw it, on the shoreline with the railing under the Bald Cypress tree at the southeast side of the Terrace bridge, that this PROTHONOTARY WARBLER has been quite loyal to for a few days now.

Thanks to Cesar Castillo for todays good bird,a Hooded...