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Fwd: Participate in the 2015 IMBD Birdathon!

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Subject: Participate in the 2015 IMBD Birdathon!

Dear Brooklyn Bird Club Member,

May 9th is International Migratory Bird Day and for this year's theme is "restore habitat, restore birds". This is from the official website of IMBD:

IMBD Poster

International Migratory Bird Day 2015
Restore Habitat, Restore Birds
Restaurar el Hábitat, Restaura las Aves

Habitat is critical to the survival of every organism on earth, including birds. In 2015, the International Migratory Bird Day conservation theme focuses on the importance of preserving existing habitat, the threats to habitats, the elements of habitat on which birds depend, and how restoration of habitats benefits birds. We invite you to share this theme with your visitors, incorporate it into your activities, and share your successes with us. Consider including the following components into your program this year.

Share the importance of habitat with your participants.
Teach about the habitats at your site and in your community.
Experience the birds that live in diverse habitats during your event.
Engage the public in a habitat restoration project at your site or in your community.

This year the BBC teams will support Vallarta Botanic Gardens ( through the auspices of Environment for America's (IMBD). VBG has some precious native habitat just south of Puerta Vallarta in Mexico in their educational botanic gardens and forest. Besides caring for the land and maintaining a healthy botanic garden, they work to educate people and businesses in the importance of providing native species when landscaping to provide a healthy ecosystem for migrating birds and all manner of wildlife.

Anyone can participate in our Birdathon either by organizing a team, joining a team, or pledging to a team. Team members will solicit pledges from friends and family, either an amount per bird or a flat amount. The team spends the day birding in Brooklyn and seeking a high number of species during peak spring migration.

Bobbi Manian will again be acting as coordinator for the Birdathon and would be happy to hook you up with a team or help you organize one of your own. No need to devote the full day--if you can only bird a few hours, Bobbi will match you up with a like-minded team. Please email her at to join or form a team, or to pledge your support. Feel free to also write Rob Bate if you have any questions or have any suggestions or comments.

Please come out, join us all for a great day of birding and making a step towards helping all our migrating friends who make such a heroic journey twice a year and provide us all with so many happy hours in the field.

Bobbi and Rob for the Brooklyn Bird Club