Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tale of two very good southern warblers

The Prospect southern  warbler celebrities dominated the day ,grabbing attention of birders chasing PROTHONOTARY and newly arrived YELLOW THROATED.

After fleeting morning glimpses of the Prothonotary on the Peninsula, its now proof there were two in Prospect, with likely a third in Greenwood Cemetery.Dale Dyer find of the Peninsula thumb bird followed by Tom Burke's report by Terrace Bridge with an afternoon  Duck Island sighting led to a stunning show of a bright PROTHONOTARY working along Well Drive on the north side of the Wellhouse. A horde of birders gathered to watch this bird found by Rob Jett.Its likely the same bird found earlier by Tom Burke by Terrace Bridge. For over 45 minutes this bird simply ignored all the birders watching it, at time simply brilliant in the setting sun.

But also a treasure today was the YELLOW THROATED WARBLER found by Paige Linden just south of the boathouse. Through the morning this bird hung near the Lulllwater Bridge whereas it was observed again above the road fork on the west side of the Lulllwater bridge. Again a horde of birders benefited.Much later in mid afternoon,the Yellow throated was spotted by the Music Pagoda , then led the way towards the Lily Pool observation deck.

Meanwhile all the many YELLOW RUMPED WARBLERS can't get a break garnering any birders attention when two rare warblers hit town.