Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Southern warblers delight

A southern warbler field day  in Prospect Park as a HOODED WARBLER male joined the day's PROTHONOTARY and YELLOWTHROATED WARBLERS. 

This morning's HOODED was reported at an unusual and under birded locale , Lincoln Road entrance. The entrance was where Cesar Castillo entered the park and spotted the good bird. It was tweeted out by me as I read Cesar's Ebird Yahoo report and several other birders were able to see the bird. There's a photo by Karen O'Hearn in the previous blog post.By my lunch time, I was not successful ; I presumed the Hooded went towards the playground area up the Willink ridge , across from the Midwood where its good habitat for this species.

Meanwhile, the other two southern species are active. Terrace Bridge as usual  had both PROTHONOTARY (PROW) & YELLOW THROATED WARBLERS, at one time in the same tree as posted by Bobbi Manian. Later, the PROW  was reported seen under the bridge structure . Then a report of the dull Prothonotary at West Island, by the tarped covered phragmites. So this is the second bird that was hanging out by Duck Island and Peninsula thumb, making its round clockwise the lake.
The Yellow throated was reported also  at the Music grove in the sycamores, the grove along the Lily Pool west bank. As to what subspecies, no determination made.

Word of a BROAD WINGED HAWK seen today by Dan Frazer is a quality sighting.