Monday, April 20, 2015

Two different Yellow Throated Warblers

Proof came forth that yesterdays sightings of Yellow throated Warblers was TWO different birds : of different subspecies.

The Boathouse / Lullwater bird found by Paige, was photographed by Karen O'hearn showed an eye lore ( directly behind bill/ beak) color of yellow ,the Dominica form of the southeastern race

The Terrace Bridge bird,photographed by Paul Chung showed an eye lore of white,the albilora form or interior race.

Below are the photo links and Tom Stephenson' s range map from his Warbler Guide book

Karen' s photo BOATHOUSE bird

Paul Chung's Terrace Bridge bird

Thanks to Mike Yuan bringing this issue to our attention and Dennis Hrehowsik's previous evening assertion it was highly likely it was two birds.The photos proved it and thats a good thing to take pics whenever possible..

Tom' s book reference in his Warbler Guide shows the map range of the two subspecies on page 495.