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Today was a great day, despite the kind of cold weather.  This did not stop the birds.  By the time I arrived at the Vale, and joined T.S. BBC walk, such place was alive with birds.

Here a Blue-winged Warbler made my day, and added to it, at least 3 males Baltimore Orioles.  Later I spotted the 1st Yellow-throated Vireo, and the entire group saw it.

At the Ravine, a lonely Louisiana Waterthrush was seen.  But the warblers started to be the group that attracted most of the looks from the group & myself.  But the time I left the Park, I tallied 11 sps of warblers (see list below).  Also 3 sps of vireos.  And when I was passing by the Rose Garden on my way home, a flash of red went by, and alas, here is a beautiful male Scarlet Tanager.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, Kings, US-NY
Apr 30, 2015 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Observer: Rafael G Campos
Protocol: Traveling
3.0 kilometer(s)
56 species

Canada Goose (Branta canadensis)  7
Mute Swan (Cygnus olor)  6
Wood Duck (Aix sponsa)  5
Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos)  2
Ruddy Duck (Oxyura jamaicensis)  1
Black-crowned Night-Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax)  2
Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)  3
Laughing Gull (Leucophaeus atricilla)  1
Herring Gull (American) (Larus argentatus smithsonianus)  5
Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon) (Columba livia (Feral Pigeon))  4
Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura)  3
Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris)  1    Male, Vale.
Red-bellied Woodpecker (Melanerpes carolinus)  2
Downy Woodpecker (Picoides pubescens)  1
Hairy Woodpecker (Picoides villosus)  1
Northern Flicker (Yellow-shafted) (Colaptes auratus auratus/luteus)  4
Yellow-throated Vireo (Vireo flavifrons)  2
Blue-headed Vireo (Vireo solitarius)  3
Warbling Vireo (Eastern) (Vireo gilvus gilvus)  2
Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata)  8
Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor)  4
Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica)  3
White-breasted Nuthatch (Sitta carolinensis)  1
House Wren (Troglodytes aedon)  1
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (Polioptila caerulea)  2
Ruby-crowned Kinglet (Regulus calendula)  3
Hermit Thrush (Catharus guttatus)  3
American Robin (Turdus migratorius)  8
Gray Catbird (Dumetella carolinensis)  4
European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris)  6
Louisiana Waterthrush (Parkesia motacilla)  1    Ravine.
Blue-winged Warbler (Vermivora cyanoptera)  1    Vale.
Black-and-white Warbler (Mniotilta varia)  5
American Redstart (Setophaga ruticilla)  1    male.
Northern Parula (Setophaga americana)  7
Yellow Warbler (Setophaga petechia)  6
Palm Warbler (Yellow) (Setophaga palmarum hypochrysea)  5
Pine Warbler (Setophaga pinus)  1
Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle) (Setophaga coronata coronata)  20
Prairie Warbler (Setophaga discolor)  3
Black-throated Green Warbler (Setophaga virens)  1    Vale.
Eastern Towhee (Pipilo erythrophthalmus)  4
Chipping Sparrow (Spizella passerina)  16
Savannah Sparrow (Passerculus sandwichensis)  1
Song Sparrow (Melospiza melodia)  3
Swamp Sparrow (Melospiza georgiana)  2
White-throated Sparrow (Zonotrichia albicollis)  14
Scarlet Tanager (Piranga olivacea)  1    Male, Rose Garden.
Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)  8
Rose-breasted Grosbeak (Pheucticus ludovicianus)  1
Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus)  4
Common Grackle (Quiscalus quiscula)  3
Brown-headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater)  6
Baltimore Oriole (Icterus galbula)  4    Vale.
Purple Finch (Haemorhous purpureus)  1
House Sparrow (Passer domesticus)  6

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Brooklyn is great birding!!!