Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yellow is a great color

Topping today's birds is YELLOW THROATED VIREO, a few specimens spotted in the Lullwater and Vale of Cashmere. The Lullwater bird was singing above the Rustic Arbor.

Then a BLUE WINGED WARBLER was reported again, likely the same bird from yesterday ( in Peninsula) , seen also in the Lullwater. I was lamenting how hard it is to chase my beloved warblers to Linda Ewing in the Ravine  during my lunch hour and sometimes its way too stressful and frenetic to chase ; being patient and hopful for lucky moments --being in the right place at the right time --as I was saying when Linda said "oh look , there's a Blue winged ! " Sure enough above the Ravine Creek midway from Rock Arch towards the Three Arches, a BLUE WINGED WARBLER in full view was before us. It hung around later before midafternoon.

Also present was an uptick in YELLOW WARBLERS, 7+ reported.

As the Ravine was pretty good today , one of several active pockets, a gorgeous warbler to behold. Watching bird activity in the Ambergill Falls site, always good on warm late mornings, a LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH enthralled me with its handsome plumage. Showing yellowy flanks, its sported a great bright white eye super cilium and clear white throat. One of the best I've seen.

Other birds reported were SCARLET TANAGER and GRAY CATBIRD , both first of season. BANK SWALLOW over the Lake is another quality bird.

More reports later, as today's walk will reveal more stuff.