Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bush Terminal park ,rept from Matthew Wills

Yesterday we watched a pair of ravens chase a pigeon around the soccer field at Bush Terminal Park. First one bird chased the pigeon, then the other joined the hunt. (It was spectacular enough to halt the soccer game as the players watched the aerial acrobatics.) The pigeon and both ravens disappeared into the open stairwell shaft of the old warehouse next to the field. The ravens emerged less than five minutes later. Had they had squab for Thanksgiving? (Hardly seemed like enough time to chow down; no flurry of feathers seen as you might if a raptor was plucking prey.)

This was the first time I've seen ravens hunt. The big corvids are regularly seen at Bush Terminal and nearby Green-Wood, and ever since I saw a pair grooming each other at the harbor end of 39th St. on January 1 of this year, I've been wondering what they scavenge here in the city. It looks like they may supplement their diet with fresh bird.