Monday, November 23, 2015

Well drive good spot

Yesterday's Orange crowned warblers were absent today but a NASHVILLE WARBLER instead took their place. Anything yellowy  or colorful plumage this time of year takes alot of notice.

I spotted movement in the weedy brush behind and left of the black dirt pile adjacent to the green shipping containers. The bright warbler initially led me to believing it was one of the Orange crowneds. Instead as I patiently waited till it did showed, I noted the eye ring: NASHVILLE WARBLER. I'll take it.Its a gorgeous looking , beautiful looking warbler . As I watched it, a few HOUSE FINCHES and a lone SONG SPARROW hung around. Then a smallish raptor flew overhead and perched in the sycamore maple, a SHARP-SHINNED HAWK. Guess the birding was done thereafter.

Some interest on the Lake. Among abundant SHOVELERS, a single drake HOODED MERGANSER at Three Sisters, and hen BUFFLEHEAD nearer Duck Island were noted.PIED BILLED GREBE lingers in the Lullwater between the pink concrete beaches.