Sunday, November 29, 2015


One of North America' s spectacular songbirds make quite a stir in Prospect Park.Found by Keir Randall this morning at the south edge of the rink perimeter. a male PAINTED BUNTING was all over the north to east slope of the green roof.Thereafter, despite a long absence was refound and enjoyed by a  multitude of birders at the Lefrak Rink green roof.

After the initial find,the male bird was quite skittish, moving around along the eastern slope bordered by the bridle trail West edge. But the rare bird favored the section on the north side of the roof vent of the ice making machine. Seen on the ground along a mesh fence ,birders watched the bird from the narrow path that curves above the rinks main entrance below. Throughout the afternoon,it was cooperative and photos were obtained.Several of us top birders believe the bird is legit and not an escape. Hopefully photos will prove it when I get them for my blog.

When I finally left the area, the horde of birders were watching the feeding bird;it was next to the roof vent on the south side , very well seen and very well appreciated by all who got a chance to tick off for their life list this spectacular bird. A really good one for the park.

Google map below

Other noteworthy birds overshadowed today was ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER reported at Terrace Bridge slope and also at the peninsula spit by the railing between the Rink' s Music and Teadrop Islands ; SWAMP SPARROW at the latter spot; 5 RINGNECKED DUCKS as well as 8 BUFFLEHEADs on the Lake east sector; continuing GREAT CORMORANT at Three Sisters Islands. Second bananas unfortunately to the rink celebrity

BBC Facebook photo