Friday, November 13, 2015

Yesterday's passage

Late fall transients included the arrival of PURPLE FINCH & RING-NECKED DUCKS, with numbers and the same be told for WOOD DUCKS.

In the morning Karen O'Hearn reported 8 PURPLE FINCHES up at Butterfly Meadow. The winter species is coming thru or it signifies the more peaky period at this time. The same story with ducks, as Rob Bate observed 8 RING NECKED DUCKS on Prospect Lake. When I passed by in the later afternoon after work, I spotted the Ringnecks in the south sector, between Three Sisters and West Island.

Also a mention for numbers with ducks, there is now 14 WOOD DUCKS in the Upper Pool, vastly outnumbering the solitary RUDDY DUCK. Ruddy Ducks and NORTHERN SHOVELER numbers remain strong and high on Prospect Lake.

GREAT CORMORANT remains on the scene, perched at Three Sisters Islands ( RBate obs)