Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving birds ( not the turkey)

While the turkey was roasting in my sister' s over,it seem the right time to venture out to Prospect on this gorgeous day. For an hour holiday trot, not boring at all.

First stop at the lake edge was quite productive. The continuing juvenile GREAT CORMORANT perched on a different water snag at Three Sisters eastern island. Just mere feet away, three BUFFLEHEADS & 2 Drake RINGNECKED DUCKS waded about.NORTHERN SHOVELERS is abundant at minimum 175 birds dispersed with far lesser numbers of RUDDY DUCKS.

During this scan of the lake, a soaring raptor caught my eye. Circling high above the northwestern section is a PEREGRINE FALCON,looking for its own feast I bet.

Hurrying along before I get the call for my own thanksgiving feast, I head for the Prospect feeders. But first a stop at Well drive green shipping containers for the past week' s quality warblers. Yesterday the Nashville  warbler was spotted, after my Monday sighting. I pished a few times and got a prize : ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER. My fall season' s second ORANGE CROWNED was the better sighting as this bird stayed out in the open for 40 seconds at least. The spot is behind lamppost j250,left of the rich black dirt pile.

A Thanksgiving treat,much to be thankful for the birds that give us joy.