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November 5, 2015
EFTA Announces IMBD 2016 Artist
Lionel Worrell works to create art that comes as close as possible to capturing the essence of nature. He believes that if people understand the natural world, they will be less inclined to do it harm, but will take ownership of it and its protection. Lionel's beautiful bird paintings, his passion for conservation, and his interest in helping us share messages about birds and their conservation made him a strong candidate for the highly competitive position as an International Migratory Bird Day artist.  
Artist Lionel Worrell has an obvious interest in birds! He lives in Canada, and his art reflects the wildlife he observes there and in the Caribbean, where he spent much of his childhood. 

Spread Your Wings for Bird Conservation
Get ready for a big year, as 2016 highlights the many ways we protect birds, including a focus on the centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty in the U.S. and Canada and emphasis on other agreements in Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. This conservation theme will share the benefits of protective laws, plans, and other actions that conserve birds and their habitats. It will also invite individuals, youth, adults, and communities to recognize the benefits of these laws and to develop personal pledges to contribute to bird conservation. 

Get ready to
Spread Your Wings for Bird Conservation!

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