Monday, November 30, 2015

Painted Bunting update

The bird is still present by several reports I received at the Lefrak Rink green rooftop. see the left side bar as to many reports Birdtrax < --------- .Look for the birders for best finding. and keep posting/ alert

Hopefully some more pics to post. Work day for me

see Rob Bate's post to NYS Birders

Subject: Painted Bunting -Prospect Park - Brooklyn
Date: Mon Nov 30 2015 12:01 pm
From: robsbate AT
The Painted Bunting continues in and around the green roof at the Lefrak

Center in Prospect Park.  This is the new complex housing the skating

rinks.  The best entrance is either at Lincoln Road or at the corner of

Parkside and Ocean Avenues, both stops on the Q train if you're using mass


There were more than 30 birders at one time angling for a good view of this

remarkable bird and it can get crowded up there so please stay on the paths

as the plantings up on the green roof are fragile.  There are plenty of

paths so the bird will always be visible from one path or another without

having to cross into any planted areas.

The Bunting has been working a fairly consistent area running north-south

between the bridle path and the green roof summit.

For some reason I am able to post to this list serve when others are not so

don't get discouraged if you haven't heard about this bird for a while.

Rob Bate


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