Saturday, November 28, 2015

raw day, a woodpecker shines

A day without sun doesn't hold much hope for birding.Low numbers as sprinkles of rain fell on my birding day ;after a coastal birding trek , Mary E and I stopped at Greenwood Cemetery in the hope of getting the resident Red Headed Woodpecker.

We stopped at the rare woodpecker's usual haunt at Cornus and Sycamore Avenues.The last reliable post was along Berry Path. About five minutes on the path,Mary spotted her bird, first this year for her, the RED HEADED WOODPECKER spotted in an oak tree. It flew over us thru the sweet gum tree and landed  in the Norway Maple by Cornus. We thought it flew out immediately,at least we thought so. But it perched behind the big limb and stayed there until I spotted it from Highland Ave the continuation of Cornus. A sneaky patient bird that stuck there after we left. With heavy overcast, the color on the bird except for the white wing panels was muted.

While I searched from Highland,up slope a raptor caught my eye.Its a top perched MERLIN with a RED BELLIED WOODPECKER slightly below. On the ground near me ,DARK EYED JUNCOS and above in a small tree, a WHITE BREASTED NUTHATCH.

 Yes a raw day but some good birds salvaged our venture outdoors.