Saturday, November 14, 2015

cool birds of prospect

This brisk chilly day offered some highlights in ProspectPark. As the fall transitions into the next season, the few good birds become highlights.Today had a few notables.

The best highlight as I was walking away from the Well house was a BALD EAGLE overhead I did not see but lucky stars for Chris Laskowski and Karen O' Hearn. The third year bird flying northerly was quite low.My miss.

The award for hotspot in the park goes to the Lookout Hill south base slope by the shipping containers. There it was active with birds,the hilight a female PURPLE FINCH and a flock of 21 CEDAR WAXWINGS. These birds were accompanied by numerous robins, all feeding upon stuff I wished they didn't eat, invasive pokeweed and rose multiflora. Also another hilight given its lateness, a immature COMMON YELLOWTHROAT behind the black dirt pile. Many of the birds including GOLDFINCHES were sipping water from the wet leaf clutter on the drive edge. Also appearing, RED BELLIED WOODPECKER and YELLOW BELLIED SAPSUCKER, with lots of belly to show.

Meanwhile in the lake,more highlights.Two Drake RINGNECKED DUCK with 114 NORTHERN SHOVELER and 87 RUDDY DUCK are present. The GREAT CORMORANT persists,staying perched all morning at Three Sisters Islands,joined by a nearby wading DOUBLE CRESTED CORMORANT.

While birding with Chris, we spotted a juvenile COOPERS HAWK perched after it flew across the water course ,on the east side of Terrace Bridge. No doubt to terrorize any birds in the future feeder area. The accipiter flew back towards us into a Norway Maple and disappeared into the canopy. Also Chris and I found another female PURPLE FINCH at Nethermead Bridge,not surprisingly in a Sweetgum tree.

7 WOOD DUCKS stayed true to Upper Pool. They look perfect sight he surrounding fall foliage.

I should mention both Chris and Karen found separately FOX SPRROWS. One was by West Island,the other at Breeze Hill path from rink.

And thanks to Chris  Laskowski for $20 towards the bird seed donation ,first in the hearts of birder countrymen..The feeders will go up the week of Thanksgiving. If u wish to donate for the seed ,email me.