Friday, November 13, 2015

good gulls on Prospect Lake

19 BONAPARTE GULLS descended momentarily into Prospect Lake, staying under 20 minutes under strong winds before alighting. On this blustery day, the beneficiaries of the BONAPARTES were Rob Jett and Peter Colen, who will forward me pictures later.The midafternoon sighting is a rarity for the park, with occasional reports every few or even longer years or so.

While I passed by later without that perfect timing awarded to Rob and Peter, I was treated to two " greats" at Three Sisters Islands. First the GREAT CORMORANT  perched as usual before it goes out westward; then a GREAT BLUE HERON flew in and landed close to the cormorant. A PIED BILLED GREBE swam close as well.

I thought I mention also the sleeping Drake BUFFLEHEAD by West Island corner .

Records. ( high was 60 on Dec 1st 2004  R.Campos)