Saturday, November 7, 2015

getting ready for winter

When you can count more duck species than sparrow species, the season begins to change for cold type birds though today didn't feel that way.

A too quiet walk in Prospect , though well populated by park visitors, only saw for me few passerines. Though a smattering of YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS,HERMIT THRUSHES and flyover Blackbird species were observed, the tree colors preoccupied me more. It was that low for birds. Only the waterways yielded anything interesting.

In the Upper Pool, 7 WOOD DUCKS waded from the waterfall corner to the small island. In Prospect Lake,the usual assortment of SHOVELERS and Ruddy Ducks with Mallards and few American Black Ducks was all there to show.

I read on Facebook that Bush Terminal Park is beginning to wake up from its slumber with waterfowl.Some American Wigeons reported there yesterday stakes the park' s reputation as a winter Haven,this month being that park' s one year anniversary.