Friday, March 10, 2017

Gos Stakeout

A small number of birders gathered at Terrace Bridge this afternoon, for a good old stakeout minus good coffee and donuts.

For almost an hour and half I spent at Terrace Bridge,I came away with one truth: this goshawk does not follow a regular clockwork. It obviously follows its own schedule where it wants to go and when.As Ryan and I walked homeward,Ryan spotted a big raptor perched high above the Wellhouse.Much to our disappointment,it turned out a false alarm,a juvenile Red tailed Hawk.

On my way though earlier towards my stakeout site,I did pick up RUSTY BLACKBIRD.In fact,two Rusties,both flushed up from the snow fence surrounding the Upper Pool big elm grove. I observed the two in the lowest branches for about ten minutes before they flew off by the dog beach at Upper Pool.

 I might as well mention while on the subject the Upper Pool was enhanced now with a mixed pair of HOODED MERGANSERS with three Wood Ducks nearby.

A last note.Prospects first of season AMERICAN WOODCOCK surfaced, a bird inadvertently flushed by Sean Sime as he walked by Arleen's Pines on Lookout Hill;it flew down towards the west slope.A good sign for tomorrow's BBC walk in Greenwood.

Oh Gos! Where art thou?? (Yes I know I'm beginning to feel for Linus looking for his Great Pumpkin)