Sunday, March 12, 2017

Goshawk zaniness

A tantalizing juvenile Goshawk acts like a devilish teenager keeping birders on their toes then a long wait,and finally making them dizzy from its whirlwind sweep through central Prospect Park.

At about 1 pm,local Bob O'Neill spotted the Gos, and thereby Tripper Paul tweeted out the goshawk perched in a Lull water tree just below the feeders.Then it takes off towards the lake.By now a flash mob of 15 birders gathered and waited for its return.Some impatience,and the mob dispersed ,to the Peninsula meadow,the Well drive and the stay put group on Terrace Bridge. Then it happens.

40 minutes had gone by and the big raptor returns. First seen on the Peninsula meadow,it came across the lake,chased panicky blackbirds over the lake,reversed course,towards the Terrace Bridge where birders got great looks of a low bird before it appeared to perch by the feeders.But instead as the group went to investigate,it was spotted flying towards the Nethermead. This return flight was in a pattern close enough for all the fragmented birding groups to watch this scintillating raptor flyby.

Some birders afterwards pursue the bird to the Nethermead with high hopes.Instead birders found several RED SHOULDERED HAWKS during the pursuit, testified by Sean Sime and Joshua Malbin. A zany early afternoon experience!

With more eyes of more birders,there were more discovery. Behind the Lincoln Statue at concert Grove,a lone KILLDEER was found by Rob Bate.Not far from there ,Kathy Toomey spotted a Pine Warbler by the playground.

Though I didn't see a perched Gos,nevertheless I will take a flyover for the moment.