Friday, March 3, 2017


Kathy Toomey spotted after consensus by expert birders a juvenile NORTHERN GOSHAWK perched at the Prospect feeders 3 days ago. Unsure of its identity as sometimes big female Coopers Hawk can be confused with smallish Goshawks, nevertheless the big raptor at Prospect feeders is universally identified as a Goshawk. If I get more info from the RBA alert compiler, I'll post word. IN the meantime, heads up!

Here below are the photos. So Congrats to Kathy.  Photos taken by Lotus

identification tip

Immature plumage: The under-parts are uniformly spotted and streaked extending to the flanks and under-tail coverts. Essentially, it is the most heavily marked and overall the darkest beneath of the three species. [Figures 10 & 11]. There is a prominent white eye-stripe but this alone is NOT diagnostic with immature plumaged birds because all three species may show this feature. The wedge-tipped tail has a buffy (not white) terminal band. The under-tail bands (all feathers) are brownish, not black, and wavy (“W”-shaped). [Figure 12].

Prospect Goshawk records

2009-10-291Anonymous eBirderChecklist
2008-03-08XScott WhittleChecklist
2008-02-041Scott WhittleChecklist
2008-01-191Alex WilsonChecklistN
2007-12-23XBob CChecklistN
2007-12-021Keith MichaelChecklist
2007-12-011Shai MitraChecklistN
2007-12-01XScott WhittleChecklist
2007-11-30XThomas KerrChecklist
2007-11-27XScott WhittleChecklist
2007-11-191Scott WhittleChecklistN
2002-11-211NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
2001-11-271NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
2001-03-151NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
2000-11-181NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
1999-12-051NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
1999-11-191NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
1998-11-141NYC Bird Report DataChecklistN
1998-11-081NYC Bird Report DataChecklistN
1998-11-071NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
1998-11-011NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
1998-10-171NYC Bird Report DataChecklistN
1998-10-091NYC Bird Report DataChecklistN
1997-12-061NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
1997-11-292NYC Bird Report DataChecklistN
1997-11-221NYC Bird Report DataChecklistN
1997-11-111NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
1997-11-041NYC Bird Report DataChecklistN
1997-10-181NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
1997-10-121NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
1997-10-021NYC Bird Report DataChecklistN
1996-02-221NYC Bird Report DataChecklist
1996-02-011NYC Bird Report DataChecklist