Thursday, March 9, 2017

Pine Warbler arrives!

The season's first PINE WARBLER has arrived in Prospect Park.Thanks to Ryan Goldberg and Angie Co, I watched with glee my favorite warbler in the North Midwood.

Ryan tweeted out the very early Pine Warbler report when I happen to arrived in the Vale Cashmere. Of course, I made my beeline back trying to ascertain the exact location in text messages to Ryan. Finally having past the Eagle Dongan Oak monument, I see Ryan and Angie on the path opposite the zoo back service gate. I found out where the Pine appeared but thanks again to Ryan and Angie spotting the bird, I saw the warbler at eye level in the section between the bridle trail and the short steps leading up to Ricks Place. For anyone going , look for a large tree that's covered by English ivy; of course it could be anywhere by now.

Also reported , on Ryan and Angie's watch, is EASTERN BLUEBIRD. This bird was spotted in the woods along the slope path going south from Falkill Falls. EASTERN PHOEBE  accompanied the Bluebird.

A good start on this warm day with gusty winds blowing in good spring birds.

Wood Ducks were absent from the Upper Pool, but 6 were seen on Prospect Lake according to Ryan. I found 5 RING NECKED DUCK at West Island, 4 drakes and a hen.