Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Spring begins to creep in.......

Despite Spring Equinox 19 days away, early spring birds begin to appear. Two species , seasonal icons in a way, were observed today.

First on my lunch hour, at a known spot COMMON GRACKLES appear in early springs, I counted 38 birds. Feeding on the lawn, they were too busy to notice me.Park Circle entrance to the lake lies in the southwest extreme of Prospect Park, expectantly where birders will see the first migrating grackles. Then these birds spread out all along the lake south shore areas towards the rink as March progresses in its timely schedule.

Second spring icon is the EASTERN PHOEBES. I presumed an early bird, Linda Ewing spotted one at the Nethermead, open areas one expects to see these species.

Yes, they are coming.