Thursday, May 4, 2017

Cerulean Warbler continues

CERULEAN WARBLER continued its Lookout Hill run, a stay over sticking to the perimeter of western Butterfly Meadow.  Another day's highlight was HOODED WARBLER , preferring the Upper Pool back slope and few more good birds to tell.

Joshua Malbin reported the lingering CERULEAN this morning at 722 am. The Thursday Brooklyn Bird Club walk benefited its good luck seeing the Cerulean as well. At last report, leader Rafael Campos  and company said the bird was along the Northwest stairs leading down from Butterfly, near the first set of steps, At 150, Dennis Hrehowsik tweeted out the rare warbler was singing and seen well at the northwest corner of summit Upper meadow.

Earlier , Adam Nasbian mentioned to me at Cleft Ridge Span he had the HOODED WARBLER at the back slope of Upper Pool, just east of Falkill Falls.

In other news, a BALD EAGLE flyover treat Richard Payne to its appearance over the Nethermerad.WOOD PEWEE at Boulder Bridge, WORM EATING WARBLER  at the Vale of Cashmere and LINCOLNS SPARROW  behind the Center Drive Midwood shipping containers were other notables to pursue today.

Last, Eni and Vinny mention the richness of the enclosed West Woods just north of the Picnic House. It had yesterday SCARLET TANAGER, ROSE BREASTED GROSBEAKS & GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER  for good sightings.