Monday, May 1, 2017

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Hi Peter! Super congrats on your great niece!!! Fallkill pool, falls, and upper pool were bird beaches this afternoon-- I was there 2ish for 20 mins. and over an hour after 3:30. Lots of great birds including Worm Eating ( 1) Blue winged (1), No.Parula, Yellow, Black-throated Blue, Black-throated Green, Yellow Rumped, Prarie, Black and White, Redstart, Waterthrush(too far away to call lowa or nowa), and Oven plus Balt. Oriole, a pair of Indigo buntings (together) and at least 3 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks (also together). I guess everyone wanted to get cooled off. Craziest was this rabbit inside the ravine fence --area where the Upper Pool path meets the path to the Center St. It looked healthy-- are there native rabbits in the park or is this a drop off? It seemed only slightly afraid of us humans.
Best wishes again on being a great uncle. Super cool! Hope to see you in the park soon.