Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Good warblers on the Big Hill

For a mostly inactive day, a few good warblers created the highlights on the big Hill called Lookout Hill. There was one other interesting birding spots with scattered reports of other quality warblers to mention.

Late morning, Ed Crowne heard and found CERULEAN WARBLER somewhere along the south slope of Lookout Hill. Specific location wasn't noted but anyone with knowledge of this treetop warbler's call should know the bird's location. The Cerulean hung out with a mixed flock that included also WORM-EATING WARBLER. Later, Sean Sime sent out a note that besides Cerulean, a YELLOW THROATED WARBLER was also found , specific location not noted but in the area of the Cerulean Warbler.

Other warblers made the quality list. BLACKBURNIAN and CAPE MAY WARBLERS reported by Adam Nasbian , at Ambergill Creek and Ricks Place respectively. WILSON'S,BLUE WINGED & PRAIRIE WARBLERS traveled along Center Drive woodlands adjacent to the bridle trail , according to Mike Yuan; Kathy Toomey added TENNESSEE WARBLER  at this location just before the slope path to Falkill Falls. I was happy seeing in midafternoon WORM EATING WARBLER in the Vale Cashmere Pools midsection cherry tree. I don't know how I saw it, looking at leaf movement my cue.

 Along with Mike Yuans' list , a YELLOW BILLED CUCKOO was seen at the Lookout Hill switchback trail that was full of birdsong.

Marvin Baptiste I found out had a flyover BALD EAGLE over the Lakeside Rink this afternoon.