Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Small pocket, oak basket

A giant oak acted like a basket net, capturing warblers at the Upper Pool back woods.From a dearth of reports today, it was the best spot to hang out at.

Joshua Malbin tweeted out an activity alert at this particular Upper Pool spot just south of the Falkill Falls this morning. Reports of WILSONS,TENNESSEE among 10 species that made up the small pocket of warblers. I later went by this spot on my lunch hour and was glad to see BAY-BREASTED WARBLER ( that by the way, was reported by Ed Crowne early morning on Lookout Hill) and BLACKPOLL WARBLER. BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER crashed in at this same road strip, seen later farther down at Lower Pool in early afternoon.

Also a report of INDIGO BUNTING stopped by Butterfly Meadow , a bright male bird.