Monday, May 8, 2017

The brakes

North winds put the brakes on migration for any additional birds. Therefore it was very quiet today in Prospect. With the exception of a holdover rare warbler , Tanagers and a cuckoo, there wasn't much to see.

KENTUCKY WARBLER continues to call the Aralia Grove its kingdom but a reclusive bird at that.Sean Sime reported it as a very uncooperative bird.sticking true then to its skulking nature. Aralia Grove sits between the Rose Garden and Zoo Compost area. Walk southeast from the Vale Cashmere.

IN the Aralia Grove though , Sean reported SUMMER TANAGER. a female bird likely annoyed by the Kentucky's loud calling ?

Cooperative SUMMER TANAGERS thrive though at the Greenwood Cemetery Dellwater area, where man made beehives attracted 2 birds--a pair- in a feeding frenzy according to Paige Linden Brams.

The other exception to the dull day is BLACK BILLED CUCKOO. This bird was observed by three anonymous birders at the Center Drive Bridle trail that goes into the woods before the east fence of Quaker Cemetery. Look for the muddy spot on the bridle trail. I went for the report on my lunch hour, but no luck. Eni and Vinny Falci passed along the report.

I also hear there was little warbler activity at the Zoo compost area according to Eni from the three birders. However the NYCDOT was paving the road over the Tunnel Arch span so not worth the trip over there.