Sunday, May 7, 2017

today was not a dud

Last night's southwest wind was generous: today was not a dud. Despite a scattered dispersal of warblers,many high up,it was one WARBLER rarity standout that stole the show to supplement other good birds today in Prospect and a rarity in Greenwood Cemetery.

A fantastic looking KENTUCKY WARBLER upstaged the scene mid morning. Found first by Simon Taylor in the Vale Cashmere,it chipped loudly moving southeasterly ,settling in the Aralia Grove, the section between the Rose Garden and southerly Compost area adjacent to the Zoo.Under the large presence of the Willow Oak this dark capped and mustachio Kentucky provided a great show for multiple observers.

Other rarities abound. A HOODED WARBLER was heard singing along Center Drive on the southern slope of Quaker Hill. SUMMER TANAGER was reported at Maryland Monument; this was a female bird. Also a female,BLUE GROSBEAK appeared in Butterfly Meadow.ACADIAN FLYCATCHER a southern species that is slowly expanding northward sang somewhere in the Midwood.

An interesting report never likely seen in this spot if not for all the heavy rain a day ago; A SOLITARY SANDPIPER seen in a vernal pool West of the Long Meadow ballfields.

The WARBLER list as I mentioned scattered about topped 20 according to ear specialist Paul Keim. I will look later at the Prospect Ebird checklist.

Meanwhile over at Greenwood, during Matthew Wills and Molly Rouziers BBC tree and bird walk,they recorded a gorgeous looking male SUMMER TANAGER.I hope to get the photo.

Also Simon stays on a good roll. In Greenwood,he found YELLOW BILLED CUCKOO.