Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ballfields take the stage;photo gallery-

Back home and a slow grind into the bird reporting so , a brief report during my short vacation recovery.

Prospect's ball fields take the stage today as Klemens Gasser reported 20 plus AMERICAN PIPIT on the baseball field between "diamonds" #3 and 4.

At  diamond #5 , along the snow fence, during my lunch hour, I spotted (finally my first seasonal)  the VESPER SPARROW, a holdover from yesterday's bird reported by Bobbi Manian.The Vesper was among CHIPPING and JUNCOS in that spot as 2 RED TAILED HAWKS flew over head.

Field Sparrow at BBGarden, photo by Orrin

From Orrin :

BBG this morning.  Plenty of activity on the slope below the Museum.

American robin
White-throated sparrow
Hermit thrush (many)
Chipping sparrow
Song sparrow
Ruby-crowned kinglet (many)
Swamp sparrow
Dark-eyed junco
Mourning dove
Eastern phoebe
Winter wren
Northern cardinal
Field sparrow
Carolina wren
Golden-crowned kinglet

Lincoln Sparrow Well Dr , 10/28 photo by Klemens Gasser

Lincoln Sparrow, photo by Klemens 
American Pipit today , Klemens' photo